Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
This document is a part of the Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK. It contains the Virtuozzo C API reference including information about handles (objects), functions, types, structures, enumerations, and other technical information.
Please note that this document does not provide general information on how to use the Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK. For the detailed explanation of how to start using the SDK and how to create your own programs using the provided APIs, please read the Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK Programmer's Guide, which is a companion book to this one.
To understand the material provided in this guide, you should have a basic... more 
As a demonstration, let's select a task and see how you can use this guide to find the technical information that will help you to implement it. We will use the task of starting a virtual machine. Follow these steps:
  1. Everything in the Virtuozzo C API begins with a handle. If you want to perform a task, you need to know the name of the handle that provides the corresponding functionality (you can browse the Functions by Handle chapter and read the summary for each handle). In our case, the name of the handle is PHT_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.
  2. Read the handle description and... more 
This guide is organized into the following chapters:
Functions by Handle. Contains sections describing handles, each of which contains a list of functions that can operate on that handle. Each section contains information about the purpose of a handle and how to obtain a reference to it. Function subsections contain the usual reference information such as syntax, parameters, return codes, and remarks. You can search the guide for a specific function or a keyword or you can scroll through the handle list, find the handle providing the functionality of interest, and then look for a specific function in its... more 
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