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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICE is a base handle used to manage physical devices. A physical device can be a real physical device installed on the host computer or, in some cases, a device in a virtual machine as seen by the guest operating system (this handle should not be confused with handles that are used to manage virtual devices).


To obtain a handle identifying a specific device of a particular type, an appropriate function from the PHT_SERVER_CONFIG group must be used. For example, to obtain a handle identifying a floppy disk drive, the PrlSrvCfg_GetFloppyDisk function must be used; to obtain an optical disk drive handle, use the PrlSrvCfg_GetOpticalDisk (other functions are named similarly). Some of these functions obtain a handle of type PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICE described here. Others obtain a different handle specific to the device type. These other handles are derived from the PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICE handle and contain additional functions. For example, the PHT_HW_HARD_DISK handle is derived from PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICE and contains additional functions, such as functions for getting the disk partition information. All of the functions provided by the PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICE handle can also be used with derived handles, which means that a derived handle can be passed as a parameter to any of the functions described in this section. 

The following is the list of handles that are derived from PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICE: 





Determines whether a virtual machine can directly use a device, such as a PCI device through IOMMU technology (e.g. 
Obtains the device ID. 
Obtains the device name. 
Obtains the device type. 
Determines whether the device is connected to a virtual machine. 
Allows to specify whether a virtual machine can directly use a device, such as a PCI device through IOMMU technology (e.g. 
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