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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_SHARE handle is used to manage host shares. With this handle, you can make a host OS folder visible and accessible in a virtual machine. The handle is obtained by making the PrlVmCfg_GetShare or the PrlVmCfg_CreateShare function call.


To create a new share:

  1. Call the PrlVm_BeginEdit function to mark the beginning of the operation (this is essentially a virtual machine configuration modification, so it must be done within the begin/commit block).
  2. Use the PrlVmCfg_CreateShare function to obtain the handle.
  3. Use functions provided by this object to set the desired new share properties.
  4. Call the PrlVm_Commit to finalize the changes.
  5. Enabled the host sharing feature in the virtual machine by calling the PrlVm_SetHostSharingEnabled function.
To modify an existing share, use the PrlVmCfg_GetShare function to obtain a handle containing the share information. Then repeat the steps described above.

Returns the shared folder description. 
Returns the shared folder name (as it appears in the guest OS). 
Returns the shared folder path. 
Determines whether the share is enabled or not. 
Determines if the share is read-only. 
Removes the share from the virtual machine configuration. 
Sets the shared folder description. 
Enables the specified share. 
Sets the share name (as it will appear in the guest OS). 
Sets the shared folder path. 
Makes the specified shared folder read-only. 
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