Package prlsdkapi :: Class ApiHelper
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Class ApiHelper

Provides common Virtuozzo Python API system methods.

Instance Methods [hide private]
init(self, version)
Initialize the Virtuozzo API library.
init_ex(self, nVersion, nAppMode, nFlags=0, nReserved=0)
Initialize the Virtuozzo API library (extended version).
De-initializes the library.
Return the Virtuozzo API version number.
Return the Virtuozzo API application mode.
get_result_description(self, nErrCode, bIsBriefMessage=True, bFormated=False)
Evaluate a return code and return a description of the problem.
get_message_type(self, nErrCode)
Evaluate the specified error code and return its classification (warning, question, info, etc.).
msg_can_be_ignored(self, nErrCode)
Evaluate an error code and determine if the error is critical.
Return the name and path of the directory where Virtuozzo crash dumps are stored.
init_crash_handler(self, sCrashDumpFileSuffix)
Initiate the standard Virtuozzo crash dump handler.
create_op_type_list(self, nTypeSize)
get_supported_oses_types(self, nHostOsType)
Determine the supported OS types for the current API mode.
get_supported_oses_versions(self, nHostOsType, nGuestOsType)
get_default_os_version(self, nGuestOsType)
Return the default guest OS version for the specified guest OS type.
send_problem_report(self, sProblemReport, bUseProxy, sProxyHost, nProxyPort, sProxyUserLogin, sProxyUserPasswd, nProblemSendTimeout, nReserved)
Send a problem report to the Virtuozzo support server.
send_packed_problem_report(self, hProblemReport, bUseProxy, sProxyHost, nProxyPort, sProxyUserLogin, sProxyUserPasswd, nProblemSendTimeout, nReserved)
get_recommend_min_vm_mem(self, nOsVersion)
Return recommended minimal memory size for guest OS defined in the OS version parameter.
create_problem_report(self, nReportScheme)
switch_console_logging(self, bSwitchOn)
guest_to_string(self, nGuestId)
Return string representation of GuestOS