1. Introduction

This guide explains how to install Virtuozzo over network using a Linux-based preboot execution environment (PXE).

You can install Virtuozzo over network in one of the two modes:

  • Attended. This mode is very much the same as installing Virtuozzo from a DVD. The key difference is that the distribution files are delivered over network. In this mode, you will need to configure installation options manually. The attended mode can be used to install Virtuozzo on a small number of servers.
  • Unattended. In this mode, Virtuozzo installer uses a kickstart file with instructions on how to configure the server and install Virtuozzo and requires no interaction on your part. The unattended mode can be recommended to automate Virtuozzo installation on a large number of servers.

In a nutshell, the PXE network installation procedure involves these steps:

  1. Make the Virtuozzo distribution available over network by configuring the HTTP, TFTP, and DHCP servers.
  2. Create a kickstart file if unattended installation is planned.
  3. Boot the client server from network and install Virtuozzo in one of the two modes.

All of these steps are described in the following chapters.