10.11. Enabling Legacy VM Debug Mode

The legacy VM debug mode makes sure that legacy VMs that failed to convert to the Virtuozzo 7 format during migration or restoration from backup are not deleted from the destination Virtuozzo 7 server after failed conversion. With the debug mode enabled, such virtual machines remain stopped or running with disabled network to let the technical support team study the memory dump and find out the reason for failure.

If you are trying to migrate or restore backup of a legacy virtual machine to a Virtuozzo 7 server and conversion stage fails, you can enable the debug mode on the destination Virtuozzo 7 server, make another migration or restore attempt, send the problem report, and contact the technical support team.

To enable the legacy VM debug mode on the destination Virtuozzo 7 server:

  1. Stop the dispatcher:

    # systemctl stop prl-disp.service


    While the dispatcher is stopped, you cannot manage and collect stats of VMs and containers. Running VMs and containers are not stopped.

  2. In /etc/vz/dispatcher.xml, change <LegacyVmUpgrade>0</LegacyVmUpgrade> to <LegacyVmUpgrade>1</LegacyVmUpgrade>.

  3. Start the dispatcher:

    # systemctl start prl-disp.service