3.1. Matrix of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server Command-Line Utilities

The table below contains the full list of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server command-line utilities and command you can use for managing containers.

General Utilities

Name Description
prlctl Utility to manage containers.

Template Management Utilities

Name Description
vzpkg Utility to manage OS and application EZ templates either inside your containers or on the server itself.

Supplementary Utilities

Name Description
vzps, vztop Utilities working as the standard ps and htop utilities, with container-related functionality added.
vzpid Utility that prints container UUID the process belongs to.
vzsplit Utility to generate container configuration file sample, “splitting” the server into equal parts.
pfcache Memory and IOPS deduplication management utility.
pcompact Utility to compact containers by removing unused blocks from their virtual disks.