2.3. System Updates

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server provides various ways to update its components:

  • Quick and easy updates of utilities, libraries, kernel and EZ templates with the yum utility standard for RPM-compatible Linux operating systems. For more information on yum, see Updating the System and the yum manual page.

  • The vzpkg utility allows you to update OS EZ templates, their caches on the hardware node and software packages inside containers based on application EZ templates. For more information on vzpkg, see EZ Template Management Utilities.


    To update software in virtual machines, you can use native Linux and Windows updaters.

  • ReadyKernel cumulative patches that allow a rebootless alternative to updating the kernel the usual way.

2.3.1. readykernel

readykernel is the command-line utility for configuring and displaying status of the Virtuozzo ReadyKernel service and managing ReadyKernel updates.

# readykernel <command> [options]
Command Description
info Shows the current ReadyKernel status.
check-update Checks for a newer ReadyKernel patch.
update Downloads, installs and loads the latest ReadyKernel patch for the current kernel.
autoupdate [enable <hour>|disable] Enables or disables daily automatic downloading, installation, and loading of the latest ReadyKernel patches. If enabled, the service will check for updates daily at the specified hour (set in 24-hour format, server time) by means of the cron.d script.
load Loads the latest installed ReadyKernel patch for the current kernel.
autoload <enable|disable> Enables or disables automatic loading of the latest installed ReadyKernel patches at boot.
load-replace Unloads all the kernel patches (ReadyKernel and other), then loads the latest installed ReadyKernel patch for the current kernel.
patch-info Shows information about the loaded ReadyKernel patch.
unload Unloads the currently loaded ReadyKernel patch.
report Creates a report for the technical support team.
help Shows help on command usage.