7. Keeping Your System Up To Date

This chapter explains the ways to keep your hardware node up to date. The components you need to take care of are the following:

  • Virtuozzo Hybrid Server software
  • virtual machines and containers hosted on the server

To apply major updates that usually include new kernel versions, follow the instructions below:


You can find out if a major update is available by running yum info virtuozzo-release and comparing the Version values of the installed and available packages. If the versions differ in the third number, for example, 7.0.4 is installed and 7.0.5 is available, a major update has been released.

  1. Stop all running virtual environments on the server that is to be updated, or migrate them to other Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 servers to avoid their downtime.

  2. Update the server as described in Updating All Components.

  3. Restart the server to update the kernel.

  4. Start the virtual environments or migrate them back to the updated server, depending on what you did in step 1.

  5. Perform steps 1-4 for other Virtuozzo Hybrid Server servers that need to be updated.


    Steps 1-4 can be also performed via Virtuozzo Automator.

  6. If you use Virtuozzo Automator, update the container va-mn either via VA (see Updating System software) or by running the following commands on the server:

    # prlctl exec va-mn yum update
    # prlctl restart va-mn
  7. If you use Virtuozzo Storage management panel, update the container vstorage-ui by running the following commands on the server:

    # prlctl exec vstorage-ui yum update
    # prlctl restart vstorage-ui