6.4. Viewing the License

You can use the vzlicview tool to view the information on the installed license and find out its current status. For example:

# vzlicview
Searching for installed licenses...
        owner_name="Autogenerated Trial Licenses"
        expiration="07/08/2016 03:00:00"
        start_date="06/07/2016 03:00:00"
        issue_date="06/08/2016 16:27:11"
        graceperiod=259200 (259200)
        cpu_total=8 (1)
        ct_total="unlimited" (0)
        nr_vms="unlimited" (2)

You can also view contents of license files with the vzlicview -f command. The output does not differ from that in the example above.

The license parameters are described in the following table.

Column Description
owner_name The name of the license owner.
status License status. For description of license statuses, see License Statuses.
version The version of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server for which the license was issued.
owner_id The ID of the license owner.
hwid Server hardware identifier.
serial License serial number. In particular, used to identify license files in /etc/vz/licenses/.
expiration License expiration date, if the license is time-limited.
start_date The date on which the license becomes active.
issue_date The date on which the license was issued.
graceperiod Period, in seconds, during which Virtuozzo Hybrid Server continues to function after the license has expired or if the number of running virtual machines and containers exceeds the limit defined by the license.
license_update_date The date on which the license was last updated.
key_number Number under which the license is registered on the Key Authentication server.
cpu_total The total number of physical CPUs that the server is allowed to have.
ct_total The total number of containers that are allowed to be simultaneously running on the server.
architecture System architecture with which the license is compatible.
platform Operating system with which the license is compatible.
product Name of the product for which the license has been issued.
keyserver_host The hostname and port of the Key Authentication server.
nr_vms The number of virtual machines that are allowed to be simultaneously running on the server.
subscription Virtuozzo Hybrid Server feature subscription key.

6.4.1. License Statuses

When viewing information on your licenses, pay special attention to the license status that can be one of the following:

Status Description
ACTIVE The installed license is valid and active.
VALID The license is valid and can be installed.
EXPIRED The license has expired. If an installed license expires, running virtual environments continue to run. Newly started VEs, however, are suspended after 10 minutes. If they cannot be suspended, they are stopped gracefully. If this cannot be done, they are stopped forcefully. If the node is rebooted or if the license daemon is restarted, all VEs are treated as new and suspended (stopped) after 10 minutes.
GRACED The license is installed on the server but is currently on the grace period because it has expired or the number of running virtual machines and containers exceeds the limit defined by the license.
INVALID The license is invalid (e.g., because of server architecture mismatch) or corrupt.