6.2. Updating the License

You can use the vzlicupdate utility to update the license currently installed on the server. When executed, the utility tries to connect to the Key Authentication (KA) server, retrieve a new license, and install it on the server.

To update your license, do the following:

  1. Make sure that the host where you wish to update the license is connected to the Internet.

  2. Run vzlicupdate on the server (your server must have at least one public IPv4 address).

    By default, vzlicupdate tries to access the KA server at ka.virtuozzo.com. However, you can explicitly specify what KA server to use using the --server option, e.g., vzlicupdate --server ka.server.com.

6.2.1. Switching License to a New HWID

If your Virtuozzo Hybrid Server license has become invalid due to changed HWID (e.g., after adding or removing a network card), you can have the license switch to the new HWID as follows:

# vzlicupdate -t -a <activation_code>