8.8. Managing Cluster Resources with Scripts

Virtuozzo Storage comes with a number of scripts used by the shaman utility to manage and monitor cluster resources. There are two types of scripts:

  • Common scripts. The common scripts are located in the /usr/share/shaman directory and used by the shaman utility to call resource-specific scripts.

  • Resource-specific scripts. For each common script, there are one or more resource-specific scripts. Resource-specific scripts are peculiar to each cluster resource and located in separate subdirectories. For virtual machines and containers, these directories are /usr/share/shaman/vm- and /usr/share/shaman/ct-, respectively. Resource-specific scripts are used to perform various actions on cluster resources.

The following example describes the process of using the relocate script:

  1. The shaman-monitor daemon checks at regular intervals whether some virtual machines and containers require relocation (usually, when a server fails and the virtual machines and containers hosted on it should be relocated to a healthy server).

  2. If some virtual machines or containers are scheduled for relocation, shaman-monitor calls the common script /usr/share/shaman/relocate.

  3. The common script relocate calls the scripts /usr/share/shaman/vm-/relocate and /usr/share/shaman/ct-/relocate to relocate the virtual machines and containers to a healthy server.

If necessary, you can customize any of the scripts to meet your demands.

For the full list of scripts and their descriptions, see the shaman-scripts man page.