2.4. Listing Virtual Machines and Containers

To get an overview of the virtual machines and containers existing on the physical server and to get additional information about them—their IP addresses, hostnames, current resource consumption, and so on—use the prlctl list command. In the most general case, you can get a list of all virtual machines and containers by issuing the following command:

# prlctl list -a
UUID                                    STATUS    IP_ADDR        T   NAME
{600adc12-0e39-41b3-bf05-c59b7d26dd73}  running    CT  MyCT
{b2de86d9-6539-4ccc-9120-928b33ed31b9}  stopped    VM  MyVM

The -a option shows all—both running and stopped—VMs and containers (only running VMs and containers are shown by default). The default columns include VM and container UUIDs, status, type, IP addresses, and names. The list of columns can be customized with the -o option. For example:

# prlctl list -a -o name,ctid
NAME                            UUID
MyCT                            {26bc47f6-353f-444b-bc35-b634a88dbbcc}
MyVM                            {b8cb6d99-1af1-453d-a302-2fddd8f86769}


To see a list of all columns, run prlctl list -L.