10.18. Changing Server-wide Backup Configuration

You can turn off backup compression and connection tunneling globally for a Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 node. By default, these options are always turned on.

To turn off the compression and connection tunneling for a backup globally, run the following:

prlsrvctl set --backup-tunnel off
prlsrvctl set --backup-compression off

Running prlsrvctl set --backup-tunnel off turns off the connection tunneling for a backup and does not provide secure data transmission. Using prlsrvctl set --backup-compression off makes the compression of a backup image unavailable.

You can set both options independently. They are transparent to the application that creates a backup (for example, CLI or Virtuozzo Automator). These settings will apply to all backups launched from the application you use to create the backups.

We do not recommend turning off the backup compression and connection tunneling for a backup globally unless you need to make them unavailable by default. Setting these options rests entirely at your own risk.


To avoid failure to create remote backups with disabled connection tunneling, turn off a firewall on the node involved in the backup operation:

# systemctl stop firewalld
# systemctl disable firewalld

The last command prevents the firewall from starting again the next time the node boots up.