1.7. Understanding Licensing

To start using Virtuozzo Hybrid Server, you need a Virtuozzo Hybrid Server license. You must install this license on your server after or during Virtuozzo Hybrid Server installation. Every physical server hosting virtual machines and containers must have its own license. Licenses are issued by Virtuozzo Hybrid Server and define a number of parameters in respect of your physical server. The main licensed parameters are listed below:

  • The number of physical CPUs which can be installed on the physical server. That is, a dual core or hyperthreading processor is regarded as one CPU.

  • The license expiration date. A license can be time-limited or permanent. Virtuozzo Hybrid Server licenses have a start date, and if they are time-limited, can also have an expiration date specified in them. You must set up your system clock correctly. Otherwise, the license validation may fail.

  • The number of virtual machines and containers that can simultaneously run on the physical server.

  • The platform and architecture with which Virtuozzo Hybrid Server is compatible.

For instructions on how to install, update, view, and transfer licenses, see Managing Licenses.