8.5. Configuring HA Priority for Virtual Machines and Containers

High availability priority defines which virtual machines and containers will be relocated first if the node they are located on fails. The higher is priority, the higher is the chance a virtual machine or container has to be relocated to a healthy node, if the Virtuozzo Storage cluster does not have enough disk resources.

By default, all newly created virtual machines and containers have the priority set to 0. You can use the prlctl set command to configure the default priority of a virtual machine or container, for example:

# prlctl set MyVM1 --ha-prio 1
# prlctl set MyVM2 --ha-prio 2

These commands set the HA priority for the MyVM1 and MyVM2 virtual machines to 1 and 2, respectively. If the node where these VMs are located fails, MyVM2 will be the first to relocate to a healthy node, followed by MyVM1 and then by all other virtual machines that have the default priority of 0.