2.9. Viewing Detailed Information about Virtual Machines and Containers

To view detailed information about a virtual machine or container, you can use the prlctl list -i command. For example, the following command lists all information about the virtual machine MyVM:

# prlctl list -i MyVM

The following table describes the main options displayed by prlctl list -i.

Option Description
ID Virtual machine identifier. Usually, you use this ID, along with the virtual machine name, when performing an operation on the virtual machine.
EnvID Kernel virtual machine identifier. This is the ID the kernel on the physical server uses to refer to a virtual machine when displaying some information on this virtual machine.
Name Virtual machine name.
Description Virtual machine description.
State Virtual machine state.
OS Guest operating system installed in a virtual machine.

Time that shows for how long a virtual machine has been running since counter reset.


The uptime counter as well as count start date and time can be reset with the prlctl reset-uptime command.

Home Directory storing virtual machine files.
Guest tools Shows whether Virtuozzo guest tools are installed in a virtual machine.
Autostart Shows whether a virtual machine is automatically started when you turn on the physical server.
Boot order Order in which the virtual machine devices are checked for an operating system.
Hardware Devices available in a virtual machine.
Offline management Denotes whether the offline management feature is enabled for the virtual machine, and if yes, lists the available offline services.


The options prlctl list displays for containers are similar to those for virtual machines.