3.1. Standard Kickstart Options

Your kickstart file may include any of the standard Linux options used in kickstart files for installing Linux operating systems. For the full list of these options and their explanations, consult the respective Linux documentation (e.g., the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide).

Listed below are the mandatory options and commands that you must include in each kickstart file:

Option Description
auth Specifies authentication options for the Virtuozzo Hybrid Server physical server.
bootloader Specifies the way of installing the bootloader.
install Tells the system to install Virtuozzo Hybrid Server either from nfs or url (for FTP and HTTP installations, respectively). Specify this option to perform a clean installation of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server.
cmdline Do not start the X Window System and do not show the installer GUI.
keyboard Sets the system keyboard type.
lang Sets the language to use during installation and the default language to use on the installed system.
part Creates partitions on the server.
rootpw Sets the root user’s password.
timezone Sets the system time zone.
clearpart Erases partitions on specified (or all) disk drives.

Automatically creates partitions required to install Virtuozzo Hybrid Server and Virtuozzo Storage (if being installed).


This option must follow clearpart.


Initializes unused partitions on all disk drives reachable by the installer.


This option must follow clearpart.


Optional. Ignores the specified drives or all drives except the one specified. Used with one of the following arguments:

  • --drives=<drive>[,...], a comma-separated list of drives to ignore. If a server has drives other than those specified in this option, the installer will ask what to do with them.
  • --only-use=<drive>, ignore every drive except the specified.