2.2. Installation Steps

To install an alpha build of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 9, choose Install Virtuozzo Hybrid Server on the welcome screen. After the installation program loads, you will see the Installation Summary screen. On this screen, you need to specify a number of parameters required to install Virtuozzo Hybrid Server.


Click Installation Destination screen and select a disk to install the system on.


All disks found by the installation program will be cleaned from partitions once you click Begin Installation.

Click EULA and accept the user agreement.

Click Network & Host Name and enter a valid host name. The Internet is not required to install an alpha build. Make sure, however, that a network adapter is up and working properly.

Click Root Password and set the password for the root user.


The kdump feature is enabled by default. It can be configured by setting the crashkernel parameter to auto or by specifying memory reservation in the /lib/modules/5.14.0-42.vz9.14.3/crashkernel.default file as described in the Red Hat documentation.

Having configured everything necessary on the INSTALLATION SUMMARY screen, click Begin Installation.

Once the installation is complete, click Reboot to restart the server.


If you are installing Virtuozzo Hybrid Server from a USB drive, remove the drive before restarting the server.