1.1. Requirements for Standalone Installations

The recommended hardware requirements for running an alpha build of Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 9 as a standalone installation are as follows:

  • x86-64 platform with hardware virtualization support: Intel VT-x (with “unrestricted guest”) or AMD Virtualization (tested only on AMD EPYC).


    To check if the Intel processor supports the “unrestricted guest” feature: 1) Download vmxcap.py from GitHub, 2) Run python vmxcap.py | grep -i unrest. The result must be yes.

  • CPUs: at least 4 cores, a 64-bit processor is required for running 64-bit guest operating systems.

  • RAM: 4 GB or more.

  • HDD: the minimal required disk size is the sum of the minimal /vz and root partitions, as well as the swap size:

    min_hdd_size = min_vz_size + min_root_size + swap_size

    Where min_root_size is 12 GiB, min_vz_size is 30 GiB, and swap_size depends on the RAM size.

  • SSD (optional): at least 30 GiB (at least 32 GiB with /boot).

  • Network: an Ethernet network adapter and a valid IP address.

You can also install Virtuozzo Hybrid Server in a virtual machine with similar virtual hardware. Make sure that nested virtualization support is enabled in your hypervisor.


For Virtuozzo Storage system requirements, see Planning Infrastructure for Virtuozzo Storage with CLI Management