4.1. Backing Up Virtual Machines

To backup virtual machines, you will need to:

  • Remove VMware Tools and install Virtuozzo Guest Tools in the virtual machines.

  • Create a protection plan with the Backup module enabled. It is a set of rules that specify how the given data will be protected on a given machine. A protection plan can be applied to multiple machines at the time of its creation, or later.

To create the first protection plan with the Backup module enabled, select the machines that you want to back up and click Protect.

The software will display protection plans that are applied to the machine. If the machine does not have any plans assigned to it, you will see the default protection plan that can be applied. You can adjust the settings as needed and apply this plan or create a new one.

To create a new plan:

  1. Click Create plan. Enable the Backup module and unroll the settings.

  2. (Optional) To modify the protection plan name, click the default name.

  3. (Optional) To modify the Backup module parameters, click the corresponding setting of the protection plan panel.

  4. (Optional) To modify the backup options, click Change next to them.

  5. Click Create.

To apply an existing protection plan:

  1. Select the machines that you want to back up and click Protect. If a common protection plan is already applied to the selected machines, click Add plan. The software will display the previously created protection plans.

  2. Select a protection plan to apply.

  3. Click Apply and wait until the backup procedure is complete.