4. Managing Persistent Storage Volumes

Obtain the UUID of the S2D cluster’s storage pool. You will need it for all volume-related actions.

$ virsh --connect docker://node1.winctpreview.com pool-list --details
 Name                                   State    <...>  Capacity   Allocation   Available
 27a0ce77-be86-4a03-9b18-64580bd21542   running  <...>  1.40 TiB   1.40 TiB     937.40 GiB

You can use just the first part of the UUID.

Create CSVs, using the S2D cluster UUID:

$ virsh --connect docker://node1.winctpreview.com vol-create-as 27a0ce77 CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct01wp 2g
Vol CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct01wp created
$ virsh --connect docker://node2.winctpreview.com vol-create-as 27a0ce77 CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct02dnn 2g
Vol CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct02dnn created
$ virsh --connect docker://node3.winctpreview.com vol-create-as 27a0ce77 CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct03nano 2g
Vol CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct03nano created

Resize a CSV:

$ virsh --connect docker://node3.winctpreview.com vol-resize CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct03nano 3g --pool 27a0ce77
Size of volume 'CSV_vpnclient<N>_winct03nano' successfully changed to 3g

Delete a CSV:

$ virsh --connect docker://node3.winctpreview.com vol-delete vpnclient<N>_winct03nano_vol1 27a0ce77
Vol vpnclient<N>_winct03nano_vol1 deleted