14. Troubleshooting Containers

In case of issues with Windows containers, you can create a problem report and send it to the technical support team:

usage: vz-problem-report [-h] [-v] [--proxy PROXY] [--name NAME]
                         [--email EMAIL] [--description DESC]
                         [--reportfile FILE] [--version]


  • address is the hostname or IP address of the Microsoft Windows Server host to collect the report from
  • name and email are your name and email address, respectively
  • desc is the description of the problem
  • reportfile is the name of the report file to save locally

For example:

$ /usr/share/winrm-docker-deploy/vz-problem-report node1.winctpreview.com
Report ID: 1007316899


$ /usr/share/winrm-docker-deploy/vz-problem-report node1.winctpreview.com --reportfile /home/vpnclient<N>/node1.winctpreview.com_report-vpnclient<N>.tgz
Report file: /home/vpnclient<N>/node1.winctpreview.com_report-vpnclient<N>.tgz

In the latter case, you will need to email the report file manually.