4. Deploying Standalone Nodes

You can deploy standalone nodes with Virtuozzo Automator (recommended) or without it. This section lists steps to deploy the recommended setup from scratch.


If you are sure you need to deploy standalone nodes without Virtuozzo Automator, see Installing with CLI Management.

  1. Set up the first node.

    On it, a container will be created with Virtuozzo Automator Management Node for easy virtual machine and container management. The node will be registered in Virtuozzo Automator automatically.


    If you already have Virtuozzo Automator set up, you can use it instead. To easily switch to the Virtuozzo Storage management panel, you can install the Virtuozzo Storage management plugin for your Virtuozzo Automator as described in Logging In to Virtuozzo Storage Management Panel.

  2. If required, set up second and other nodes.

    Each of these similar nodes will be automatically registered in Virtuozzo Automator.

  3. Log in to Virtuozzo Automator at <VA_MN_IP_addr_or_hostname>:4648. Click New… > Virtual Environment on the toolbar and start creating virtual machines and containers. For more details, see Starting to Create Virtual Environments.