7.1. Starting to Create Virtual Environments

Virtualization Technology Selection

Choose the type of virtual environments to create: a container or a virtual machine.

Hardware Node Selection

Select the physical server where the created virtual environment is to reside. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Select Hardware Node Automatically. Check this option to let the wizard automatically choose a physical server from the list of servers registered in VA Control Center.

  • Select Hardware Node Manually. Check this option if you wish to select the physical server yourself. In this case, you will be able to select the desired physical server in the Select Node list.

Virtual Environment Configuration

Specify the number of virtual environments you wish to create. By default, only one virtual environment is created. You can additionally select the template to be used as the basis for the virtual environment creation in the Virtual Environment Template list. If you create a virtual environment on the basis of a template, a new MAC address, different from the template’s MAC, will be generated.

To proceed with the virtual environment creation, click Next. Your further steps will differ depending on whether you are creating a container (see Creating Containers) or a virtual machine (see Creating Virtual Machines).