14.5. Uploading and Installing Templates on Physical Servers

Virtuozzo Automator enables you to upload and install templates on any of Virtuozzo Server Group physical servers by clicking the New App/OS Template button above the table listing available OS and application templates. In case you have one or more new templates that you want to install on your physical servers, you should first have these files accessible from the computer where Virtuozzo Automator is launched (e.g. insert the CD-ROM with the templates into the computer CD-ROM drive or copy the templates to the computer hard disk).

To install a new template to a Virtuozzo Server Group physical server, do the following:

  1. Click the Browse button and provide the right path to the template (this must be the path accessible from the computer where Virtuozzo Automator is running).

  2. Select the physical server on which the template will be installed by clicking the icon next to the Hardware Node field in the Select Hardware Node section and opening the screen where you may choose the physical server from the list of physical servers.

  3. Select the Force Installation check box if you want to install the template even in case any errors appear during the installation process.

  4. Click Submit to upload and install the template.

After the template has been uploaded and installed on one physical server as described above, it can be copied to and installed on any number of physical servers at once. To do this, go to a list of templates in the Server Group context, select the template, and click the Install to Nodes button.