10. Managing Product Licenses

The Licensing screen contains all the necessary information on the Virtuozzo product keys installed on physical servers registered in Virtuozzo Automator.

The Licenses table shows the information on all your installed licenses:



Serial Number

The string of symbols that serves for both activating the license and as an identifier of the license on the physical server.

Key Number

The key number of the license, which identifies the license on the Virtuozzo Key Authentication (KA) server.

Hardware Node

The physical server on which the license is installed.


The status of the license.


The expiration date and time of the license.

To see all parameters of a license (e.g., the allowed number of CPUs, virtual environments, or users per physical server), click the desired license key.

You may need to update the license if the information in the Status or Expiration columns suggests that you do. For example, if the Status column shows that the license is invalid or expired, or the expiration date displayed in the Expiration column is close. You can also update your trial license. To update your license, select its check box on the list and click Refresh on top of the table.

To update a license, install it either as a key or text file by clicking Install License Key or Install License File, correspondingly.