6.10. Configuring Virtual Environments Host Settings

The Configure Virtual Environments Host Settings page enables the administrator (or privileged users) to change the physical servers’ general settings specific to the virtual environments residing on them. Click Configure > Virtual Environments Host Settings on the physical server toolbar to open the page and configure the following settings:

  • In the Virtual Environments Settings subsection, you can specify or select the following:

    • In the Virtual Machines Folder field, the directory where newly created virtual machines will be placed. Existing virtual machines stored in a different location will not be moved to the new one automatically (you can move them manually if required).

    • In the Container Folder field, the directory where private areas of newly created containers will be placed.

    • In the Backups Folder field, the directory where virtual machine and container backups will be stored.

    If the Virtuozzo Storage integration plugin is installed on the VA Management Node, you can store your virtual environments and their backups in datastores in Virtuozzo Storage clusters. To do this, select the Virtuozzo Storage radio button and choose the desired datastore in the drop-down list. This feature only applies to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7. For instructions on how to install the integration plugin, refer to Logging In to Virtuozzo Storage Management Panel. To learn more about datastores, refer to Managing Datastores.

  • In the Virtuozzo Service Settings subsection, you can set the memory limit that will apply to every virtual machine stored on this physical server. This subsection only applies to and is shown for Virtuozzo 6 servers.

    • Auto. The memory will be automatically allocated to a virtual machine depending on its needs.

    • Manually. Specify the amount of the memory that each virtual machine will use and will not be able to exceed.

  • With the help of the Virtual Machine Console Service Settings, you can set up VNC connections to virtual machines.

    • In the Default Service Address field, specify the IP address to connect to virtual machines via VNC. You may need to do it if the physical server has multiple IP addresses of which only one is needed.

    • In the Service Base Port field, specify the base port, starting from which the running virtual machines will be assigned port numbers.

  • You can also select the checkbox Try applying these settings to all the hardware nodes connected to this VA Management Node to apply the configured parameters to all physical servers in the Virtuozzo Automator infrastructure. Make sure that physical servers registered in Virtuozzo Automator are joined to the same Virtuozzo Storage cluster. This option only applies to Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.

When finished, click Submit to save the changes.