16.2. Monitoring Virtuozzo Objects via SNMP


This feature is only supported for Virtuozzo 6 servers.

You can monitor Virtuozzo 6 hardware nodes via the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The implementation conforms to the same Structure of Management Information (SMI) rules as the data in the standard SNMP context: all Virtuozzo objects are organized in a tree; each object identifier (OID) is a series of integers corresponding to tree nodes and separated by dots.

General information:

  • The OID of the root subtree with all the objects you can monitor is
  • Two management information base (MIB) files are required to monitor Virtuozzo objects: SWSOFT-SMI.txt and SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB.txt. Both are installed along with VA Agent. Their default location is /usr/share/snmp/mibs.

The following subsections describe ways to enable and use SNMP to monitor Virtuozzo objects.

16.2.1. Enabling SNMP Access on Hardware Node

To enable SNMP access on a hardware node, do the following:

  1. Install the net-snmp package.

  2. Make sure the snmpd service is running.

  3. Install VA Agent with the SNMP component.


    The SNMP option is disabled by default. To enable it in the TUI-based installer, choose custom installation and check the respective box in the component list. To enable it for an unattended installation, add it to the list of components to install.

16.2.2. Accessing Virtuozzo Objects via SNMP

You can access Virtuozzo Objects with SNMP tools of your choice. Let us examine the procedure on the example of the free Net-SNMP suite.

To display the entire Virtuozzo object tree, use the snmpwalk command in the console. For example:

Typical output for a Linux Hardware Node may be:

SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzHWID.0 = STRING: "2ef600c5-17c4-f042-9efe-e13282c53e48"
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvID.50 = Gauge32: 50
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvID.111 = Gauge32: 111
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvEid.50 = STRING: "00123d1b-a799-7947-9f11-57e78d8332dd"
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvEid.111 = STRING: "2f211e5b-ca23-5d4f-8111-8ba31831d120"
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvType.50 = STRING: virtuozzo
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvType.111 = STRING: virtuozzo
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvName.50 = STRING: pva-mn-77.sw.ru
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvDescription.111 = STRING: root
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvOS.50 = STRING: .centos-6-x86\_64
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvOS.111 = STRING: .centos-6-x86\_64
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvOrigSample.50 = STRING: "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvOrigSample.111 = STRING: "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvState.50 = INTEGER: running(6)
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvState.111 = INTEGER: running(6)
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvTransition.50 = INTEGER: none(0)
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvTransition.111 = INTEGER: none(0)
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntAddress. = IpAddress:
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntAddress. = IpAddress:
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntNetMask. = IpAddress:
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntNetMask. = IpAddress:
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetworkClass.50.0 = Gauge32: 0
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetworkClass.50.1 = Gauge32: 1
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetworkClass.111.0 = Gauge32: 0
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetworkClass.111.1 = Gauge32: 1
End of MIB

16.2.3. Description of Virtuozzo Objects

The table below describes Virtuozzo objects you can monitor:

Object Description
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzHWID The Hardware Node unique identifier used by different management tools to identify the Hardware Node.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzVersion Virtuozzo version currently installed on the Hardware Node.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzLicenseStatus Virtuozzo license status.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvID Container ID. (The Service Container is always marked as Container 1.)
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvEid The unique container ID used by <PVC> tools to identify the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvType Container virtualization technology.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvName Container hostname.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvDescription Container description, if set.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvOS OS template the container is based on.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvOrigSample Container original sample unique ID used by Virtuozzo tools to identify the container sample.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvState Current container state.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::vzEnvTransition Transitional container state.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntAddress Container IP address.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::ipAddrEntNetMask Container network mask.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaDiskSpace Disk space currently consumed by the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaDiskSpaceSoft Soft disk space limit set for the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaDiskSpaceHard Hard disk space limit set for the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaDiskInodes Number of disk inodes (files, directories, symbolic links) currently used by the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaDiskInodesSoft Soft disk inodes limit set for the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaDiskInodesHard Hard disk inodes limit set for the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaUgid SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envQuotaUgidHard Number of user/group IDs allowed for container’s internal disk quota. (Disabled for the Service Container.)
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetworkClass Network classes currently existing on the Hardware Node.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetstatIncomingBytes Incoming traffic, in bytes, consumed by the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetstatIncomingPackets Incoming traffic, in packets, consumed by the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetstatOutgoingBytes Outgoing traffic, in bytes, consumed by the container.
SWSOFT-VIRTUOZZO-MIB::envNetstatOutgoingPackets Outgoing traffic, in packets, consumed by the container.