15. Updating Virtuozzo Software

Virtuozzo Automator provides a GUI interface to update your Virtuozzo software. You can query the current state of Virtuozzo and Virtuozzo Automator itself. And you can install the following, if available:

  • kernel updates;

  • new Virtuozzo product releases;

  • new or updated Virtuozzo command-line utilities;

  • OS template updates;

  • application template updates.

The Updates screen allows you to update Virtuozzo software on any physical server registered in Virtuozzo Automator.

On the Updates screen, you can perform the following operations:

  • Filter physical servers by Hostname and OS: enter search criteria in the corresponding fields, and click Search.


    You may need to click Show Search first, if the search panel is hidden.

  • Select columns to display: click Select Columns, check the necessary boxes, and click Save.

  • Check for physical server updates: click a hostname in the Hostname column. Found updates, if any, will be listed on the Software Updates screen.

To update OS/application templates on a physical server, click its name in the table and switch to the Template Updates tab.