14.11. Updating Templates on Physical Server

The page where you can update certain templates on a particular physical server is displayed if you go to the Virtuozzo physical server and click the Container Software tab, then select the corresponding template(s) on the templates list and click the Update link above. This relates both to OS and application templates.

While the Update screen is being loaded, you can see the virtual environments software looking for the available updates.

After the checking procedure is over, its results are displayed in three sections: the first one tells you the exact time of the last update check, the second enumerates the templates for which the update check has just been performed, and the third one informs you if updates are available for these templates.


To obtain the information on the templates updates, the virtual environments software establishes connection with the update repository. If the connection fails, it tells you that Virtuozzo cannot check for template updates now, the notice being displayed instead of the Up-to-date Status section. In this case, you can check the connection with the update repository: follow the advice to Please check the repository settings below to open the page where you can configure these settings.

The information on the available templates in this section is organized as follows. The first item in the list is the OS templates updates followed by the application templates updates down the list. The number of the updates is shown in brackets. The number of “new” updates corresponds to the number of templates not installed on the physical server at the moment of the updates check and the number of “updates” per se is how many template updates you can download from the Virtuozzo update repository to the physical server. The latter number is reversely dependent on the former: if you do not have a certain template installed on the physical server, there are no updates available for this template. If you click the OS Templates item, it expands into the list of the OS templates updates and each of them, when expanded, provides you with the information about this template. Similarly, to have the list of application templates updates, click the Applications for item and then the application short description to learn what this application is used for and the features it includes.

If you want to install anything from the updates list, click the Install Updates button.