4.2. Interface Overview

The Virtuozzo Automator interface has been designed to let the Virtuozzo administrator quickly perform all possible tasks through an intuitive navigation system.

The main components the Virtuozzo Automator interface consists of are:

  • The left menu frame lists all your physical servers and virtual environments. You can access main operations to be performed on them by right-clicking the server or virtual environment.

  • The toolbar on top of the right frame allows performing all actions available for the chosen object: a physical server, a virtual environment or any management unit.

  • The content part on the right frame displays the content of the chosen object: a physical server, a virtual environment or any management unit.

  • The Tasks button above the right frame opens the Active Tasks window where you can view all operations of the current user that run at the moment or have been finished.

The left menu comprises the following sections:

  • Infrastructure displays physical servers and virtual environments.

  • Logical View looks the same way as the Infrastructure menu, the only difference that the virtual environments can be distributed between all folders or physical servers no matter what physical servers they physically belong to.

  • Resource Library displays the following sub-sections: Software, Templates, IP Pools, and Virtual Networks.

  • Management shows the following sub-sections: Scheduler, Alerts & Events, Task Log, Audit, Updates, and Support.

  • Setup displays the following sub-sections: Messaging, Licensing, Security, Power Panel Policies and Configure Backups.

The upper most element on the menu is the Infrastructure link. If expanded, it displays your hierarchical structure of physical servers and virtual environments hosted on them as lower levels. Each of the physical servers and virtual environments that make up your Virtuozzo Automator infrastructure displays its name on the Infrastructure-oriented left menu, which, if clicked, leads to its dashboard.

The content of the right frame always depends on what option you have clicked on the left menu frame. If you have clicked a physical server, the right frame will show the physical server relating information and operations, for a virtual environment the right frame will display the virtual environment relating sections and operations, and so on. See the Using Context Menu section.