12.3. Managing Maintenance Tasks

The screen can be accessed if you click any of the tasks in the Scheduled Tasks table.

The Task Details section displays the following task details:




The name of the task.


The current status of the task.

Next start

The nearest date and time when the task is to be performed.


The action Virtuozzo Automator will perform in the framework of this task.

Virtual Environments to process

The virtual environment(s) to back up.

If the task has a description, you can also find the Description section after the Task Details section.

In the Logged Operations section you can analyse the information on the last execution of the task.

12.3.1. Changing Maintenance Tasks

On the Configure Task screen you can do the following.

In the Task Configuration section, enter task name and the description and enable the task if necessary.

In the First Run (or Next Run) section, specify:

  • first launch time;

  • first launch date selected from the Select date window.

In the Recurrence Pattern section, you can set the task to be performed once, daily or weekly:

  • if you select the Run once radio button, the task will be performed at the time and on the date set in the First Run section;

  • if you select the Daily radio button, the Repeat Daily section will open below, allowing you to set the following periodicity:

    • every specified number of days (Every N day(s)),

    • only on weekdays (Every weekday),

    • only on weekends (Every weekend day);

  • if you select the Weekly radio button, the Repeat Weekly section will open, allowing you to set weekly periodicity (Recur every N week(s)) and specific days of week to run the task on.

The End Date section is displayed only if the task is to be launched more than once. In this section, you can set the task to be:

  • performed repeatedly until manually disabled, removed or edited (the No end date radio button);

  • launched for the first time on the date set in the Task Details section, and for the last time, on the date selected in the Select date window next to the End Date radio button.

In the Virtual Environments to back up section, you can choose:

  • individual virtual environments,

  • entire Hardware Nodes. In this case, all virtual environments on the Node(s) will be added to the back up task.

Having selected virtual environments to back up, click the Add Virtual Environments or Add button and select virtual environments from the pop-up window. To remove a virtual environment from the list, select it and click the Remove Selected button.

For information on backup options, see Creating Virtual Environment Backups.

To save the task configuration, click Save, otherwise click Cancel.