8.1. Defining Global Backup Settings

If you have the necessary permissions, you can define the default virtual environment backup settings for the whole Virtuozzo infrastructure on the Configure Backups screen (in the Setup group on the left Virtuozzo Automator menu):

  • On the Backup Type drop-down menu, select one of the following types of backup:

    • Full backup. This type is recommended when doing a backup job for the first time and contains all the data selected for the backup. A full backup storage space and completion time requirements are the highest. Note, the physical server where you choose to store a full backup may have limitation on the allowed number of full backups. If it is so, the Wizard will delete the oldest backup with all its incremental backups on the physical server in order to create a new one. For more details, see Defining per-Physical Server Backup Settings.

    • Incremental backup affects only those files and data which have changed since the last backup and takes less storage space and creation time.

  • Choose the Backup Node for storing virtual environment backups regardless of their source physical servers.

  • In the Number of full backups to keep field, specify the maximum number of the full backups that will be stored on the physical server.


    In case, the specified number is exceeded, the oldest backup and all its incremental backups will be deleted from the physical server to free up the space for a new full backup.

  • Enable backup rotation with the help of the settings in the Incremental Backup Settings group. Have in mind that the very first backup will be a full one in any case.

    You can set the maximum number of incremental backups to keep. After that number is reached, a new full backup will be created. If the maximum number of full backups (set previously) is reached, all of the old backups will be replaced by a new full one.

    You can also choose to have backups coalesced to maintain the chosen backup chain length. In this case, no new full backups will be created after the very first one. Older incremental backups will be merged each time to keep the configured backup chain length.

    If at any moment a full backup is created manually, e.g., from console, the entire cycle will reset and start anew.


All of these settings can also be set individually for each physical server or virtual environment.

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