13.7. Managing Email Gateway and Proxy Server

As a physical server administrator, you may need to receive email notifications on critical system events. You can subscribe to such alerts using XML API (for more details, see the alertm interface in the Virtuozzo Automator Agent XML API Reference). To ensure the correct delivery of system email messages, you need to configure SMTP relays for your physical servers.

You can configure the way a physical server communicates with the public networks on the Configure Proxy Settings page. The page can be accessed either by clicking the Configure button on the physical server > Network tab > Proxy subtab or selecting Configure > Proxy Settings on the physical server toolbar.

On the Configure Proxy Settings page, you can do the following:

  • In the SMTP Relay Server IP Address field, specify the IP address or hostname of the SMTP server the current physical server uses to send email messages.

  • In the Proxy Server field, specify the proxy server IP address or hostname, if the current physical server uses a proxy server to establish external connections.

Click Submit to save your changes or Cancel to return to the Proxy subtab.