7.9. Deleting Virtual Environments

The Delete screen allows you to remove those virtual environments from your physical servers that you do not need anymore. This screen is opened:

  • after you click Manage > Delete on the corresponding virtual environment toolbar;

  • after you select the check boxes of the virtual environments you wish to delete on the Virtual Environments tab of the Infrastructure window and click the Delete icon above the Virtual Environments table on this tab.

All the virtual environments scheduled for removing are listed in the Delete Virtual Environments section of the Delete screen. To delete the listed virtual environments, select the Yes, I want to delete the Virtual Environments check box and click the Delete button; otherwise, click Cancel.

When removing virtual environments, please, keep in mind the following:

  • Removing a virtual environment means that the private area of the virtual environment is completely deleted from the Host OS and all the virtual environment private files are irrevocably erased from the physical server.

  • Deleting a considerable number of virtual environments may take a rather long run.