4.4. Customizing User Profile

4.4.1. Defining Interface Settings

On the Interface Settings tab of the User Profile screen, you can set a number of parameters related to the Virtuozzo Automator interface.

You can access the User Profile section by clicking the login name in the upper part of the screen.

The options provided on the Interface Settings tab are grouped into three sections: Navigation Settings, Regional Settings and Visual Settings.



Home Page

One of the ways to tweak Virtuozzo Automator is to choose the first screen to be loaded when you log in to Virtuozzo Automator from the Home Page drop-down menu.

Interface Language

As Virtuozzo Automator is localized into a number of languages, this drop-down menu lets you choose the default interface language for Virtuozzo Automator. This setting affects the language of both your current Virtuozzo Automator session and all future sessions if User Default is chosen as the interface language on the Virtuozzo Automator login screen.

Local Time Zone

This setting affects the date and time information found on such Virtuozzo Automator pages as Tasks Log, Alerts, and Events. Choose the time zone you wish to be used when viewing different kinds of logs.

GUI Elements Style

You may set the Virtuozzo Automator toolbar buttons to represent the operations which can be performed by clicking them with only icons, or only text, or with both visual and verbal elements.

Interface Skin

Here you may choose a suitable interface colour for your Virtuozzo Automator affecting such elements as the Virtuozzo Automator general layout (framed or non-framed), icons and images, and the colour palette.

Menu Details Level

You can choose what items will be displayed under the Infrastructure and the Logical View on the left Virtuozzo Automator menu: folders, the physical servers distributed over them, virtual environments - those that run on the physical servers, in the Infrastructure, and sent to appropriate folders, in the Logical View.

Enable Tooltips

Selecting or clearing this check box defines whether you will see short descriptions of the elements of the Virtuozzo Automator interface when pointing them with the cursor.

Show Top Right Buttons Pane

Selecting this check box makes a button pane always appear at the top right corner of Virtuozzo Automator. You can also call up this pane by clicking an arrow in this corner.

Allow Dynamic Status Updates

Selecting this check box enables the statuses of virtual environments to be updated automatically on the left Virtuozzo Automator menu, the virtual environment dashboard screen and the Tasks pane without refreshing the current page manually. If you have problems with the connection to the Master Server (e.g. the bandwidth is low or the connection is unstable), enabling this function might make your work in Virtuozzo Automator inconvenient and slow. In this case it is better to clear the check box.

After you decide on the suitable configuration and click the Submit button, the settings will be remembered for the current browser and user only. If you change the browser or the current user within the same browser, the default settings will be used until you perform a new customization.

4.4.2. Defining Personal Settings

On the Personal Settings tab of the User Profile screen, you can configure some personal data.

You can access the User Profile section by clicking the login name in the upper part of the screen.

As a Virtuozzo Automator user, on this page you can revise, change or add the following personal data:

  • The Login field is for information purposes only, you cannot change it.

  • To change your password, enter the current password to the Old Password field, and a new password into the Password and Retype the password fields. Please make sure it is difficult enough to pick up, so using birthdays and relatives’ names for a password is not probably the best approach to ensuring your security.

    Follow the VA requirements to set up a reliable and secure password:

    • Passwords must be at least six characters long.

    • Passwords must contain elements from three of the four following types of characters:

      • English uppercase letters (A, B, C, … Z);

      • English lowercase letters (a, b, c, … z);

      • Westernized Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, … 9);

      • Non-alphanumeric characters (special characters) ($,!,%,^).

    If your user information is taken from an external authentication database registered in Virtuozzo Automator, you cannot change your password as it is taken from this database.

  • The Full Name and Description fields are editable only if your user information is stored in the regular Virtuozzo database. If you are a user of the host OS (including root) or of an external authentication database having access to Virtuozzo Automator, you cannot change your full name as it is taken from the corresponding database.

  • The Email field should be filled in with a correct email address to enable the functionality of restoring your password, if you forgot it. If your user information is taken from an external authentication database registered in Virtuozzo Automator, you cannot edit your email address as it is taken from this database.

To submit the changes, click Submit.