7.2. Starting, Stopping, Pausing and Restarting Virtual Environments

A virtual environment may be started up, restarted, paused, and shut down like an ordinary computer. Depending on the virtual environment state, only those operations are accessible that comply with its current state. For example, a running virtual environment cannot be started for obvious reasons, and so on. The following virtual environment states can be characterized as stable:




The virtual environment is running; therefore, it may only be restarted or stopped.


The virtual environment is stopped; therefore, it may only be started.


The virtual environment is being repaired. You cannot perform any action on the virtual environment until you click the Finish Repair button on the Start Container in Repair Mode page (see Repairing Containers).

The current status of the virtual environment is available in the Status section of the virtual environment dashboard. The history of the status changes can be viewed from the Logs > Tasks page of the virtual environment.


Some operations are available either for virtual machines or containers. For example, only virtual machines can be paused.

Besides these states, during virtual environment operations a virtual environment may be in one of the transitional states: mounting, starting, stopping, etc. When in a transitional state, you cannot perform any action on the virtual environment until the operation is finished.

Click the Start, Stop, or Restart button to perform the corresponding action. On clicking one of these buttons, this action is logged.

If you wish to stop your virtual environment, bear in mind that there is a two-minute timeout for the virtual environment shutdown scripts to be executed. If the virtual environment is not stopped in two minutes, the system forcibly kills all the processes in the virtual environment. The virtual environment will be stopped in any case, even if it is seriously damaged. To avoid waiting for two minutes if you are operating a virtual environment that is known to be corrupt, use the Operate > Power Off link on the virtual environment toolbar.