8. Managing Virtual Environment Backups

The virtual environment backups are listed and can be created/restored/removed on various levels:

  • Global level. Here, you can configure default backup settings that will be applied to all physical servers registered in Virtuozzo Automator. Go to the Configure Backups page, in the Setup section of the left menu.

  • Infrastructure level. Here, you will find all backups residing on all physical servers in Virtuozzo Automator. Go to the Backups subtab of the Infrastructure dashboard.

  • Physical server level. Here, you will find all backups residing only on particular physical server, i.e. made from those virtual environments that belong to this physical server. Go to the Backups subtab of the physical server dashboard.

  • Virtual environment level. Here, you will find the backups belonging to the particular virtual environment. Go to the Backups subtab of the virtual environment dashboard.

There are two ways to back up one or more virtual environments:

  • Manually. This can be done by selecting the relevant virtual environments in the virtual environment list on either the Infrastructure level or physical server level and clicking New Backups.

  • As a scheduled job. This can be done by going to the scheduler page in the Management group and creating a new task. For the detailed information, see Scheduling Backup Tasks.

When creating a backup of one or a multitude of containers, a number of backup settings can be specified during the backup operation. If they are not specified for the given backup operation, the default backup settings of the physical server where each corresponding container is located are used. The default backup settings of a physical server can in their turn use the default container backup settings defined for the whole datacenter. This means that you can define the backup settings on different levels:

  • Globally for your datacenter. Select Setup > Configure Backups in the left Virtuozzo Automator menu to define these settings.

  • Individually for each physical server. Select the physical server, then click Configure > Backup Settings on the VA toolbar to define these settings.

  • During an individual backup operation.

If all the levels are defined for a specific operation, the settings of the lowest level will be of the highest priority.


For the VA backup functionality to work on containers, forward and reverse DNS lookups must be correctly configured for both the source and backup servers