12. Maintaining Virtuozzo Automator Management Tools

The Management dashboard is divided into the following sections:

Scheduler. The Manage scheduled operations link opens the screen where you can set certain virtual environments to be backed up or restarted according to your timetable.

Tasks. The View tasks log link opens the screen listing operations that both have already been and are still to be completed.

Support. The Look up Virtuozzo Automator error descriptions link opens the one displaying the details of a certain error that occurred during a Virtuozzo Automator session and a standard way to fix it.

Updates. The Update Virtuozzo software link displays the Virtuozzo Automator screen where you can select the physical server and update its Virtuozzo installation.

Alerts and Events. Follow these links to see the virtual environment resources consumption dynamic reflected in alerts signs (View alerts log) and changes in virtual environment statuses (View events log).

Audit. The links here enable you to view the current live sessions on physical servers and virtual environments on them (the Live User Sessions link) and to view the audit logs of these user sessions (the Audit Logs link).