17.5. Listing Users


When viewing a list of users on the Users tab of the Virtuozzo Automator Security module, the list is empty.


  • Check if the authentication database the users of which you are trying to view is empty. If the database is empty, no users will be displayed in Virtuozzo Automator.

  • If the database is not empty, check if the users in this authentication database have the objectClass=user attribute set. Some LDAP databases employ other attributes, in which case their users will not be displayed in Virtuozzo Automator. If it is possible, set this attribute manually for the users to be displayed in Virtuozzo Automator.

  • Try to delete the authentication database from Virtuozzo Automator and register it again changing the value of the Domain parameter. If you indicated the domain when registering the database for the first time, leave this field empty this time. And vice versa, if you didn’t indicate the domain during the first registration, fill it in this time.