17.7. Elusive Problems

Sometimes it is hard to determine the exact reason for a problem. The problem might persist despite any actions undertaken. Such problems call for going back to an earlier state of the virtual environment with these problems missing. This change-over is usually effected by means of:

  • Restoring the container from a working backup (see Managing Backups on Virtual Environment Level).

  • Reinstalling the container (see Reinstalling Containers).


    It is for you to decide which way suits you most. Generally, these two options are applicable if you can start your container to copy the valuable information from it. To assure a safe data saving in the situation where you cannot start the container, repairing your container is the most advisable problem-solving option.

  • Mounting your container in the repair mode and copying the valuable personal data to a secure place outside the container. Using the repair mode is covered in Repairing Containers.