17.1. Services Inaccessibility

Various tasks you are accustomed to perform by means of a virtual environment (accessing your website or sending email and the like) may fail if the corresponding services are inaccessible.

Try consecutively the following three steps to determine the reason for this and do away with the trouble:

  1. Check if the virtual environment is running. To this effect, log in to Virtuozzo Automator and check the virtual environment status in the Status field in the virtual environment table (see Managing Virtual Environments) or in the Virtual Environment Summary table on the virtual environment dashboard. You can also determine if the virtual environment is running or down with the help of the Service Unavailable screen by clicking the corresponding link provided on this screen. If the virtual environment is down, click the Start/Stop Virtual Environment link on the menu and press the Start Virtual Environment button. Wait a little for the virtual environment and all the services to start.

  2. Go to the Services page (see Managing Container Services) and check the status of the service in question. The service must be running for the corresponding functionality to be accessible. For example, psa and mysql must be running for the Plesk control panel to handle your requests, httpd - for your web site to function properly, sshd - for the virtual environment to be accessible by ssh, etc. You may also try to stop the iptables service to see if it solves the problem, because some iptables rules might prevent certain network connections.

  3. Go to the Resources page to determine if the virtual environment is short of any resources. If some of the resources are marked yellow or red, this is a hazardous situation that should be resolved immediately.

If the Plesk control panel is installed inside a virtual environment and you are currently working with the panel, the Service Unavailable screen may sometimes be displayed when you are trying to perform a Plesk-related operation. This situation is normally handled as described above. However, in case none of the recommended measures works, you may have to reinstall the Plesk control panel into the virtual environment, as the Plesk installation might be broken.