17.2. Network Problems


The virtual environment you want to manage is inaccessible by its hostname or IP address.


  • If you are using the hostname, try to use the IP address, and vice versa.

  • Ping the inaccessible virtual environment.

  • Log in to Virtuozzo Automator and check the problem virtual environment hostname and IP address.

  • Log in to Virtuozzo Automator and change the virtual environment root password (see Adjusting Container Configuration and Advanced Settings).

  • Log in to Virtuozzo Automator and disable the iptables service inside the problem virtual environment.


Remember that each virtual environment user with the privileges of an administrator exercises full control over his/her virtual environment, has his/her own user credentials (name and password) to access the virtual environment and enjoys an unlimited access to other user accounts inside this virtual environment, i.e. s/he has any right granted to a privately owned physical server as opposed to the physical server administrator’s authority or the rights of the other virtual environments users in regard to the given virtual environment. Any virtual environment user can be a member of an Active Directory domain (e.g. access any of the network shares to which the virtual environment user has rights).