14.8. Caching OS Templates on Physical Servers

The Cache on HNs screen allows you to cache the given OS template on one or more physical servers registered in Virtuozzo Automator.

There are two types of caching, which correspond to the two options under the Select Cache Options heading:

  • Selecting the Cache OS template for Container creation option tells Virtuozzo Automator to create a tarball of the packages comprising the template, which helps greatly speed up the process of creating new containers on the physical servers where this OS template is cached.

  • The Cache application packages option tells Virtuozzo Automator to download the latest packages comprising the EZ template to the physical server(s) indicated in the Select Hardware Nodes section.

Both types of caching are only available on those physical servers where the given template has already been installed. You can define the list of such physical servers in the Select Hardware Nodes section with the help of the Add and Remove Selected buttons.

Click the Cache button to initiate the caching procedure.