7.4. Changing Virtual Environment Administrative PasswordΒΆ

The Change Administrative Password screen is accessible by clicking Configure > Password on the virtual environment toolbar. To change the password, enter a new root/administrator password into the fields provided and click Change.


Virtuozzo Automator does not check passwords strength. If you use short or simple passwords, you do so entirely at your own risk. It is recommended to create root/administrator passwords from a random mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, and allowed punctuation marks. The following punctuation marks are allowed: ! ” $ % & , ( ) * + - . / ; : < = > ? [ \ ] ^ _ { | }. Not allowed are the whitespace, #, and @. The password should be 5 to 14 characters long.


The password of the Virtuozzo hosts administrator proper can be changed on the Personal Settings tab of the User Profile screen which is displayed through the User Profile link on the right of the toolbar.