2.1. Virtuozzo Automator Components Overview

Virtuozzo Automator consists of the following main components:

  • VA Management Node, ensures communication between slave servers (see further) and virtual environments hosted on them. The server where the VA Management Node is installed is called the master server.

  • VA Control Center, provides the web-based GUI that enables users to manage Virtuozzo physical servers and virtual environments hosted on them. The VA Control Center is a part of the VA Management Node and is installed together with it.

  • VA Agent, ensures interaction between the physical server it’s installed on, the Master Server, and client computer from which a user logs in to the Control Center. The VA Agent is installed on physical servers running Virtuozzo 6 or 7 which are called slave servers. Only Virtuozzo physical servers that have Agent installed can be registered with the master server (and managed from the Control Center).