4.1. Logging In

The Virtuozzo Automator administrator can log in to Virtuozzo Automator management panel at the IP address (or hostname) of the master server and on the set TCP port (4648 by default).


Master server requires a static IP address. If the IP address changes for some reason, follow the instructions in Changing Master and Slave Servers IP Addresses.

When connecting to the master server, enter the OS administrator credentials and click Login.

A Virtuozzo Automator administrator can give other users certain rights and privileges (see Managing Virtuozzo Automator Security). These users can be created in Virtuozzo Automator (stored in the Virtuozzo Internal database) or obtained from an external LDAP-compliant database. Users log in to Virtuozzo Automator at the same IP address/hostname and port as the VA administrator with their respective credentials. Actions these users will be able to perform in Virtuozzo Automator are defined by their privileges.


Domain users can log in by providing usernames as follows: <domain_name>\<username>.

Once a Virtuozzo Internal user logs in to Virtuozzo Automator, they are recommended to provide a valid email address on the User Profile > Personal Settings tab (see Defining Personal Settings) to be able to recover their passwords. To receive password recovery instructions, a user needs to click Forgot your password? on the login page and enter their user name and email address provided on the personal settings page.


Password recovery is supported only for users from the Virtuozzo Internal database.