6.7. Monitoring Physical Server Resources Consumption

The Hardware Node Monitor subtab on the Resources tab shows the graphical statistics on the resource consumption of the virtual environments on this physical server, i.e. the physical server resources consumed by all virtual machines or containers on this physical server and by the host system itself. The resource consumption is shown in percentage.


The consumption changes are shown with regards to your time zone. If time is incorrect, check User Profile settings.

Select Graph subsection

  • CPU, Disk and Memory Usage. Each of the three resources has its own colour on the chart. If you need to monitor the changes only for one resource, whatever it is, you can disable the others.

  • Disk I\O Usage. The chart shows the density of Hard Drive usage, i.e. the amount of read/write kilobytes.

  • Traffic Usage. The chart shows the volume of the incoming/outgoing traffic through the network. If you view a daily, monthly or annual chart, the history changes are shown per hour, day and month, accordingly.

Graph Period subsection

The chart can show the changes for the defined period. The chart can include the data for a particular date, month, year or for any other period of time. To implement the changes, click Apply. The chart will change its appearance.

Partially, the information on memory and disk resource consumption is available on the physical server dashboard (see Physical Server Dashboard Overview).

Operations subsection

The Export Data link allows you to save the graphical data in the format of a plain text (.csv file) on your computer.