10.3. Reviewing Installed Licenses

On this screen, you may review your license details. The License General Information section allows you to view the main information on your license:

Column Description
Key Number The license key number. This is a unique identifier of the license on the Virtuozzo KA server.
Hardware Node The physical server on which the license is installed.
Target The physical servers on which the license can be installed.
Status The status of the license.
Expiration The expiration date and time of the license.

The Extended Information section provides the following information on the license:

Column Description
Architectures Microprocessor architecture(s) suggested by the license.
Grace period The period during which the Virtuozzo software continues functioning after your license has expired, in seconds.
Hardware ID Hardware node’s unique identifier.
License version The version of the license (the same as the version of the virtual environment software).
Number of CPUs The total number of central processor units installed on the physical server. A dual core CPU or a CPU with Hyper Threading technology is a single CPU; only CPU sockets are regarded as CPUs.
Platform The operating system installed on the physical server.
Product key The string of symbols that serves for both activating the license and as an identifier of the license on the physical server.
Products Indicates the type of technology: Virtuozzo.
Number of running virtual environments The total number of virtual environments you can simultaneously run on the physical server.
Start date indicates the date when the license comes into effect.
subscription Virtuozzo feature subscription key.